21 Dec

Narrowmindness, however, is not a deadly sin, one cannot be charged and convicted for this undefinable notion. The profoundness of someone’s views on the other hand is not either overall measurable with universally admissable criteria. I mean, how deep is the darkness or dullness one indulges to live in. hElas, It would be a delight, consolation, selfprotection, to live with the  ignorance of some damaging  facts, but it would be a greater gratification if those events didn’t exist ubiquitously.

 The word of the year, another perk offered to us, the beneficiaries and public of the digital society,was declared PRIVACY. The novelty, not neologism but a coinage by the same digital society, one preceding week, was announced to be SELFIE – a social networks, and Instagram, the giant of visual graphics exchange, jargonism. The statistics is dry but it does not lie.  These words truly denote, point to what the public cares for or is mostly concerned with. We care and are concerned with the intrusion in our private world, affairs, this amalgamation of private and public aspects, the infringement of logical, psychological and physical borders of it. This aggregation of our lives like an annex to an alien mechanism to which it does not belong, and is not proper to pertain, and we categorically do not want it to be a spare piece, or, great honour, a geerwheel of the clock mechanism.

I loved the open smile of the Pope Francisc this week. So disarming, he truly is the Person of the year. He got out of the secularist seclusion of the Highest Sanctity on the Earth, he blessed us with his indulgent, tolerant smiles, he embraced a disabled and leprous sample of the modernity, he also embraced the hideous, deceitful, treacherous, vilain life that we are leading.

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