18 Dec

Thrilling times the pre-holiday ones, especially on the Eve of Christmas and end of the term, also of the year. A synergy of both feelings – anticipation of a vacation, a time off, of celebration, but for the moment catching up with the lagging behind tasks and reporting times too. Proper reporting what has been done,  achieved, no – done, admitting the undone work or not properly, completely realized – some routine no one speaks about achievements.

A tiny earthen chameleon had shut the mouth. After, as it proudly boasts, 15 prolonged years of victorias’ secrets revelatory display, a continuous 15 years of hot summer, autumn at last has come IT has cropped the harvest. Well, the hoe into her face was brutally thrust much earlier, but for a harelipped bot, that was not a congenital malformation, it was an inborn and wholesome trait, a condition for its success, it did not result in a molestation or a desfiguration thereafter, it incorporated the tool, it became its mouth’s palate, it assimilated the tool, she became an earnest digger, it fitted her, it became its newly assigned name and surname. The noisy camp has also cheerfully fanged, grinned acquiesced and also admitted the new acquisition, made it a small victory of their camp, had flown their brand and threw themselves into the vigorous hakka dance. The challenge was uttered, our master is a chain smoker but a reformed one, and yours is still lingering in his hookah bar. The silver lining of this overall unglorious event.

The trade, guild has also realigned in a vibrant bustling  circle. Not all are the same, they are different in essence, capacity, they belong to different classes categories, they are even judged according to different standards, that do not apply there beneath. Still not out of solidarity with the bottom layer, but more for a reaffirmation of their statute were forced to unwillingly, with disgust but have touched upon the sultry subject.

The Others had sided quietly, wisely more firmly to where they had always been.

An improvised skating rink has appeared in the very center of the town. A small one, opposite the Triumph Arch which is by the way beheaded, the dome it used to have had been taken off either for rehabilitation, reconstruction works or definitely forever displaced. In between winds the main artery of the town busy at the evening rush hour. The public transport also packed, overcrowded with people returning from work to their sleeping quarters in the suburbs. From inside the small spot of fake winter attracts attention. That confined spot of ice rink is also crowded. Some are daringly struggling to remain atop in front of their attending public, the lack of skills is obvious but, never mind, the fun and diversion count. There were some very agile ones smoothly sliding and manoeuvering among the throng of basic penguins – those ones had really enjoyed the process, the impossible winter in a mitten.

A prominent boxer has hung his gloves. He gave up his boxing career, a tough decision, for pursuing further a political career. It’s also a timely one, as his country has confusingly stuck at the crossroad of their destiny. A recent helicopter view of the central square full with a sea of people, taken at a concert of  a musical group of reference – Elsa’s Ocean, has proven that. His people really needs support in an instance of tit for tat. If that failed, the unsigned with  EU preagreement, it has subsequently triggered a long run, a domino effect, a viral lightning. The Turks had benefitted unexpectedly from the case, on the other side, the Russians have offered another surprise remediation to  the brothers’ for their being cast off from the track.

That helicopter view of the ocean of lights in the night was reminiscent of more than a good concert fever, or post two weeks of neo-orange revolt, nor a pre-holly days preparation, those were some signs of seeds of discontent that have been cast and probably would mature into a reconceptualization of their identity.

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