12 Dec

There is no room for ennui or spleen in the continuous whirl and drill of the modern life, it cannot be induced, inculcated – too busy.

I am padding with the happy feet the fresh snow laid down last evening, although I am afraid of sliding and falling that’s why walking cautiously, but it’s a petty joy for the little ones an occasion to tumble and be unpunished.

I am not an atheist or sceptical in Thom’s manner to thrust the pointer into the wound so as to believe it all. The simple, sacred manger, however, is truly, indeed tarnished, sloshed, it is trivialized, banalized, full of gray, striped cats.

Another noteworthy event and story from the Bible is of frequent reference, the Magdalen’s repentance and her stunning enlightenment with a return to faith, her subsequent fervent following of Christ up to the edge of his resurrection and sanctification as the greatest martyr of Christianity and prophetic preacher. That very crucial moment of her washing  the Master’s dusty and tired feet after his long and painful journey through the deserts and untamed, uninitiated human masses, is remarkable. Her wiping them with her own, a sinner’s hair is an example of humility first of all and recognition of his greatness, a blind worshiping and femalelike submission, renouncing to her sinful life and converting into his magical power. This explanation of her gesture would be a modern perspective of those biblical times of genesis, the modernist would even complain or critically decode there discrimination of women, misogynism, subordination of women.

The snap! Not a black and white one, nor the one with the polychromatic electrical impulses that traverse, transfuse the urban early, busy morning commuting; it is rather the swift, smooth, waving, curbing, from the coldplay well-defined, determined ebbing of the  flow, target-oriented precise, conjoint functioning. A clocklike accurate synchronisation, complementarity aligning to the duty. Some only, would poke some fun out of straining pressuring silence, the rest are coarse – thus businesslike.

So, the first snap at the crossing bus station; a stout man waiting, looking in front of himself, a Schwarzenegger like disdainful posture and composure. A young woman a white cap on her head, one meter further craning, bowing intersecting his profile binding him, signalling to her known community. The modern Magdalena gesture. Then of course, follows the immaculate miraculous conception, which is from another story but is patched imprinted, embedded, etched there, by the same action group of blackhatted rabbits, agents if you please. Some would say that is an innocent, inoffensive play those folks do nothing wrong if from the very early morning till late at night play the spooky snooker. Even if a virtual one, I think it is touching, if not for the sacred things, many had converted to more revindicative, tolerable sects, it is arresting attention, thronging the sloth, nothing-doing, undesirable vulgus, it’s recidivisming, it is swelling, enhancing the accumulation of white toxic pathogens, it is destroying and degenerating.

I completely agree that Pope Francis is a hero of our times, he is not compromising with religious principles and doctrines, not reforming but persistently maintaining the sacred things to stay so however those totally opposed should not be or made hostile but let them be in their own way.


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