10 Dec

I am simply happy, blessed because society ills and pollution, fate and destiny’s falls did not affect me at all, these have not brutalised me, or made me callous and insensitive. I am more integer and healthier than ever before than any archi successful secularists, pardon, talibans from vernaculars, outskirts of my tiny country, that is driving, gearing, pardon, trafficking, treading upon innocent lambs who are substracting themselves from, abstaining from engaging in the gore. There are some others that have nothing to lose and convert themselves willingly, defecting from the camp of educated intellectuals into the leprous, coal smeard face “warriors”, merging with the viral medium like a chameleon. Abstination is intolerable, everyone else must have a dip in the stinking marsh. There are also the indifferent ones, the ones that had already immunised themselves by adopting a part of the gang’s, pardon, paradise’s imposed requirements, a partial compromise with their own conscience and dignity, who admit, let things happen, close the eyes, tolerate the vice, soil themselves, corrupt themselves at a very qualitative level.  Higbrowed in that very virused medium, skilled in playing the rude falk’s game not because of being of value but because having the advantage of being the first installed, the first settler, and not being willing to admit intruders in their realm where they make the laws. That is quite different from snobbism even, which is the preserve of the noble ones nonetheless. The former ones intentionally, and already wholesomely are speaking the broken, substandard language display disdain by wanting in such a way to differentiate themselves and be special if not superior. Like a regional peculiarity, the vernacular language is spoken and used at the rank of formal register. It’s not a dialect it is an uneducated, contaminated form it shouldn’t be assimilated nor trunkated everyone should make the effort to expurgate his own language, so as to conform to the norm, which is, Thanks God a law already that cannot be even questioned least of all by the neo-gothic intellectuals. 

Carnivals and festivals time… masks on!

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