07 Dec

Not deviant nor conformist: flirting with the romantic pulp past; beastly lured by the ubiquitous ludic, jovial modernity; not necessary to make the slightest effort; the dementially cool jumping apeishly naked on the bonnet of your car. User-friendly, accessible, swift.

I totally agree that crowdsourcing makes sense, the group intelligence is power. Besides,being alone is excluded as option. Not because being afraid to be unlike the rest, the peers, the group, but because we belong here, isolation is self-exclusion, and not revindicating your real presence nulifies it, or worse rewinds the options around someone else’s keys.

The two hours difference speaks volumes about the determination of the intent, a good joke – to kindle the revolutionary spirits of the maidan mob by wild dances, in a cold winter weather to renounce to clothes and moreover promise a rebel pyre, a sacrifice in the name of the cause. That 40 years old, 2004 Eurovision champion, definitely is crazy, or has had the balls before emerging on that stage in front of the crowd. Besides she is not of the first freshness.

 I like the stealthily creeping, crawling, mist, it rolls in, floods, flows quietly. I used to be a great music lover, I still do love it, but I enjoy more the silence, and keep the anti-smog mask muzzle on.

I think glorifying the past makes no sense – those were the times, and there are no saints, the modern society repudiates heroism and heroic deeds. Not to mention that very often though,  modern martyrdom in the name of Islam is total terrorism. Why worship extremism!

Let the diplomacy rule, find ways, negotiate, not beg for showing up the options in the hand, but talk, offering concessions, trading in a compromise. Let them search for and weigh what benefits they could have by committing themselves, so as not to be confronted with  the potential punishment that could resort.

 Nationalism indeed, is a sort of extremism, it causes conflict, but the opposite of patriotism is not desertion, defection, betrayal; someone who succeeds to realize one’s full potential  is achieving his goals and being useful, affluent, and creating prosperity, being of reference is a real patriot of one’s native land

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