06 Dec

It might be spontaneous, but for me FRIENDSHIP does have a decent hue and it has some criteria and constraints as well to which it must conform. It is clearly demarked in space and time. The rest is not the ENEMY but simply not admited close enough not taken seriously into consideration. There exists the category of <enemies>, not based on minor ethnicity or difference in religion.

Creating a blog was a very responsible and daring undertaking. It wasn’t difficult to predict the jeer and sneer, and loud screams, to stop doing it, to prevent from a reporting activity, reporting from the cuisine. Of course unlike the pure technical blogs and step by step description of instructions, i would be more of a passive observer, opinion rather than investigation and streaming back to the society. I am aware, assuming and commited to my place that I desrve to take among the 90 something thousand of bloggers with the engagement to improve and evolve. I am sober, not indulging in banality, I can’t afford it, integer physically, all four limbs present and mine and functioning, I do not delegate anything of me to anyone else, would never do.

Learning the ABC is amazing, a self-developing activity, at birth also at death, nor even God would help, we must remain alone! Nice colour of the next year sensual, gentle, cool, low blood pressure for me a chronic hypo.

My fist is clenched, so no selfmade palm mobile nor leprous rub of hounds would catch me, scarlet-orange curls. Garters are for another sort of professionals.

It’s not a lack of capability or striving to change, break the poverty trap and the vicious circle; every human has the basic right or freedom of access to creating wellbeing, but it’s really a impeding wall that is mobilising and rising to disuade, prevent, forbid through all the means the destitute ones or those in distress to also have access, to redress, to change their situation, to move socially from the bottom of the absolute poverty upwords. Abusive pressure would widely be applied, even some formal laws invoked combined with gangish bullyism should have had  the intimidating effect, must have worked. My fists are clenched. It would sound revolutionary somehow, quarrelmongerish and it’s meant simply to remind the consecrated word of the dissipating current year the <selfie>. Today there was the first snow.

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