05 Dec

We like quotations for their compressed wisdom. We pay tribute to someone famous who said that and take him or her as supporter and guaranter of our argument. Very often though these can be used inappropriately, in an improper context, to lobby a doubtful cause they could dump, become viral, they trash. A well-equipped, muscled jogging might apprehend trouble. In the long run, and at being very mass reproduced, the citations become on the contrary, trite tags, labels with reminders, hyperlinks dislocated, planted arbitrarily. A wink of complicity and complacency, a pressed laughter, an earmarked cellphone that sounds in that silence rather threatening. Aha! In that case – I take the bicycle…

The problem is how to swiftly combine rigour with quality so as to attain goals, and be respected and liked and have tangible results, that could be quantified and assessed with gratification. For this a foam helmet or airbagged one wouldn’t help, not in the least a well combed unruly hair or the shiny smile. Not a jendarme anyway. Singing the blues Pour que tu m’aimes encore – wouldn’t help. The candies and the whip – the loud laugh. They would come grinning let me recharge my gadget from the socket behind your table, have a refill from your 3D caravan. It’s not excluding corruption by even bodyscanning for detecting gadgets, it’s ridiculous, this is playing with them their game. LEARNERS would apply an additional little effort and money to upgrade their resources so that the risen stakes lead to raising the plank, this time less seekers would jump and not the most gifted ones again, accessible for the ones endowed with some mighty relatives and sheer impertinence.

I’m rollerskating. That is not a compound! I do not need a minus or a dash/hyphen, I meant it not to be separated. It’s not something superfluous, I do not want the apendix to be removed, it’s a fully integral identity.

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