03 Dec

The eye for an eye retribution is a Biblical principle, the tit for tat could be reserved for the equal ones in force. The fury has raged in the myriad of its manifestations, has exploded into stinking scruffy ex-inmates convoyed in the public mesmerised awe. It was fascinating how the profusely sprayed with perfumes brilliant, victorious divas were demonstratively craning their necks THERE to paint the disgust on their livid faces. The beasty fury burst out into brutal consuming flames that dissipated the very crematorium into small tarred heavy particles. The monstruous viral troyan. Mystical witchcraft for the ones who believe in that, fuming through black magic tied with red yarn, the grotesque dance of the cock or the head cut hen in an vibrating interpretation by the native aborigenes from the remote mist of the time tribes. A time travel, transportation which was very informative, I’ve learned a lesson.

The consecration ritual, however, was held  in another place. It cannot be restrained, confined, arms-tongue-tied, with all the consternation – but the West Indies is in oceania in between Americas. The British colonizers went there too so as to trace the brilliant jews that were drainig THEIR brains. The indo-europeans are surviving, and returning to their homes. A changed one, formely Bucharest was called the little Paris, this year we are having in the non-identical twin capital a speckle, a crumble of Champs Elisee, the reversed gardens too.

The just indignation about not “having the right”, but thronging the Christian martyr in a totally islamic medium. Although they are all speaking English for merchant reasons, they are still lingering in the secular fundamentalism and would joyfully join the most elegantly shaped and modern institution just for the access to the common market and free traffic and circulation, but wouldn’t give up a thing from their comfortable hookah veil of smoke.

How about bringing something to the festive table too. Even the Chinese have revised the strictest law of one-child policy, they do already have the right to father two, the Belgians have made legal the child euthanasia for terminally ill and suffering ones, the too fertile in-vitro fertilization was prohibited, the twins not to speak about triplets have been driven illegal. We, one of the poorest countries of the civilized world could simply improve the husbandry methods, improve the quality of our very natural  fruits and vegetables eco-clean and a healthy people not contaminated/ing, not an incubatory of newly mutating desease. We must not hesitate while crossing. I believe in human made miracles. Even God would approve and give a smile.

I believe everything is whirling within the conventional measured balance, there is not the least reason to worry.


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