01 Dec

Whether it would be better to start by applying the strictest several levels of security, or by learning the eABC is questionable, or maybe the elementary good manners. Not doubtful but categorically it is abusive to ask even such a question,  to unfurl a warmongish flag out of the blue, because it seemed something threatening to someone else’s stability? Or simply to brag puerilously with having the means and power of doing such things.

Definitely it would be necessary to walk the cyberpolice out and about through the highways of the virtual domains and social networks only to check the temperature. Just in case someone needs emergency assistance because of the supersonic speeds thay are racing around.

Hey, this is a universal space, a peaceful and positive one, intended for civilized citizens of the globe! Ringing the weaponry at every false alarm, no but  there is the full-fledged colour spectrum, in case someone suffers of daltonism then needs an emergency visit to an eye specialist doctor and therapeutic care and assistance. Some love talking in technical terms even when it comes to human functioning of body and soul: fixing it, repairing it, or on the contrary – the therapy of a flat. I like the methaphors as units of comparison, associations that we like and comprehend; very often they are affecting, are bad for the ecology of the planet, maybe for some very sensitive, sensible, fragile minds as well.

When everyone lives in glass houses it’s explosive to throw stones. Let the competition be fair. All the cards are on the table. No one can or wants to take away the past, no one would dare, no one would take away the legends, the folklore, the heroes; by stepping in the common space, no one would force us to eat a fishburger if one would prefer cabbage or ewe cheese pies, or force us to croon Beethoven’s Ode to Joy if one is in mood of hopping to something more lilting and lifting like classical folk or newest adaptations to some more seasoned tastes like manele.

Someone is longing for a glass of wine, others for a pint of lager beer, or a thimble of absynt,  the underworld denizens would look for a marijuana doze, which is an illegal drug by the way in the majority of this planet countries.

Ordinary people… Leading ordinary lives,educated, having a job and caring for their image. Having very strong moral principles, however, not with the pretense of preaching how others should proceed or how to live their own lives, least of all forcing abusively onto others their own dubious credos.

This year the start for the frenzy of the winter holidays coincided, ironically enough, with the black Friday a much coveted moment of consumerism of acquiring some more and more goods that we do badly need or that are banal and useless but still bought because sold at such alluring sales. Maybe it would be a good idea to debarras, get rid a little bit of the old things that are not useful any more and also to reconsider our harmful and highly polluting bad habits.

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