30 Nov

The LBD is sacred in this era of lewd playful nakedness or very suggestively marked nudeness. Even more so misplaced with those outfits the pearls and diamonds, crystals and gold that would not carry the noble mark, least of all the diamond catears crown would resonate in a holy atmosphere of a Thanksgiving candle plus exceptionally this year – Hanouka menora. There is no woman that would dislike the jewels but the holiday lights and happiness starred glitter of the eyes is rare, it is kindled by secret motives that there is no way to compromise. The delices of the holidays are satiating being imbued with atmosphere, there is no way to run the risk of a food poisoning or even worse a long term pack of toxins and cholesterol, not to mention that the cholesterol has been found accountable of not only heart desease and attack but lately, lab experiments have proven that this vilain is developing breast cancers… Ground zero in high-society games at past centuries palace bals. In the XXI century it is exactly the same. Some would proud themselves with being very trendy, fashionable, techy, and sneer at Jane Austin, or Brontes sisters’ humbleness and paying a politeness visit among clans in the context of their total connectiveness from MODERN era. The degrees of comparison of the adjective “modern” is a nonsense. The imitation which is saint when applied with respect, when it is acknowledged – a compliment to the author, but some modernist remakes or versions of Shakespeare or Oscar Wilde are an insult, a complete distortion, a mark of contempt for the author and a defy for the society that would freeze in consternation, feel ashamed of not liking also that newest version, and swiftly trying to redress and realign among the avangardists. This transportation and transfer of stories do not look like adaptations but like hacker’s pranks more exactly hooliganism, pricisely because of the fact of being decoded and read immediately by many of the public. They termed it – blasphemy and profanity. Full of venom and having not the least chance to last. No, definitely women’s talk is not always weaving intrigues and spreading rumours. Positively believe in wise normal friendly relationships between women.

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