29 Nov

…”all the world’s a stage and we are merely actors”

There are some mystier days than others, and the new wig from Sony!!! – a counter retort for Google glasses. If previously the motto of the former was “Enjoy the silence”! one certainly could also enjoy the favourite music, exclusively without being interfered with by the honks, the hubbub and ballyhoo of the day. Not that the variety of everyday roles would not suffice, or that I would lack communication <I love the silence>, but I also like the WORDS. Thus, all that sensorspacked, life would definitely get multicoloured from blackandwhite and blurred on top of all. There is  the practical aspect as well, one does not have to visit so very often the hair stylist, also a hair  dryer would become superfluous an investment or all sorts of machines to mutilate, straighten  the hair, not to mention the fact that one does not need a cap nor bother with carrying an umbrella. Protecting from the eventual purple rain.  And the poppy coquelicot pretzel, that we are very grateful for. A great holiday Thanksgiving Day. It’s a pity that we do not also have it. We could at least practise it occasionally if not making a cult out of it and a standard moral norm. We could also add to the sweet politeness of thanking – some giving in return, from time to time, some kindness, a considerate gesture, a humble smile. It’s disarming and inviting to an equivalent one.

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